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Instructional Classes
Girls and Boys 
Ages 5 & Up - Our 1 ½ hour instructional gymnastics classes teach skills on all gymnastics apparatus and equipment. Our attentive and caring instructors use a safe and encouraging method to teach in the most positive, progressive environment you will find. The fundamentals for gymnastics (and all sports) are developed as children improve their skills on a weekly basis. Class progressions follow the guidelines set by USA Gymnastics. Classes include time for warm up, work on all of the apparatus and conditioning, all of which help build a healthy body and mind. Groups are formed according to age and ability. Small group instruction to insure maximum development of each individual. 


Girls Schedule: (1.5 Hour Class)
Monday 4-5:30, 5:10-6:40
Tuesday 4-5:30, 5:10-6:40, 5:40-7:10
Wednesday 4-5:30, 4:30-6:00, 5:10-6:40, 6:10-7:40
Thursday 4-5:30, 4:30-6:00, 5:10-6:40, 5:40-7:10
Friday 4-5:30, 5:10-6:40
Saturday 10:00 - 11:30

Girls Session:
Monday Classes: (10 Weeks) $290, Tuesday - Saturday Classes: (12 Weeks) $348
(plus $30 annual non-refundable registration fee *paid once a school year: Sept-June)   

Boys Schedule: (1.5 Hour Class)
Tuesday 5:10-6:40
Friday 5:10-6:40  

Boys Session: Tuesday Class: 12 Weeks $348, Friday Class: 11 Weeks $319 (plus $30 annual non-refundable registration fee *paid once a school year: Sept-June)   

Session Dates:
Fall: Mon. Aug. 31st - Wed. Nov. 25th
Winter: Mon. Nov. 30th - Sat. March 6th
Spring: Mon. March 8th - Mon. June 7th

School Year Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm
Saturday 9:30-11:30am

Now registering for the Fall 2020 Session:
Fall Session begins Monday August 31st

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Please call our office 516-742-3547 to request a class day/time that is not listed on this schedule - Thank You!